Umbrella History

Umbrellas were present in some of oldest civilizations on Earth. Here you can find out how they evolved and influenced lifestyles of the wealthy, infused themselves in many religions and becoming commonly used object of protection against elements.

Chinese Umbrella Picture

History of Umbrella

History of umbrellas spans almost all great civilization that appeared on earth. From humble beginnings where tree leaves were used as the makeshift canopy to the modern day when high-grade waterproof material is present in almost every umbrella, they managed to infuse themselves into our culture and become important part of our daily routine.

Chinese Umbrella Parasols

Parasol History

History of parasols starts even before waterproofed umbrellas were first made. From the scorching hot environment of ancient Egypt to the sunny modern beaches full of stationary parasols, they managed to infuse themselves into our culture and play a crucial role in manufacture of first umbrellas.

Old Chinese Umbrella

The Earliest Umbrella - Chinese Umbrellas

In the long and eventful history of the umbrellas, china had one of the most important roles. The innovation and designs made by ancient Chinese manufacturers introduced umbrella to countless millions, and enabled very important the second resurgence of umbrella fashion in European history.

Old Blue Umbrella/Parasol