Umbrella Types and Umbrella Making Process

Creation of umbrellas is a process that is in one hand very similar to the original 3000 thousand year old designs, but also very different. Here you can find out more about many types of umbrellas that are used today and the way they are created.

Rain Umbrellas

Types of Umbrellas

Over the past few millennia’s of their existence, umbrellas managed to spread across entire world where they were adopted for many different uses. Here you can find which umbrella types are most commonly used today.

Oil Paper Parasols

Oil-paper Umbrellas

Oil-paper umbrella represent one of the most famous and influential type of umbrella ever made. Since its first introduction in china over 2000 years ago, it managed to slowly spread across entire Asia and play a significant role in resurrection of umbrella fashion in medieval Europe.

Umbrella Maker

How Umbrella is Made?

Process of umbrella manufacture has changed much since they were first introduced over 3000 years ago. Here you can find out more about materials they are using today and which parts play the most crucial role in their assembly.

Different Types of Umbrellas